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Weißwurst Seminar, Beer Brewing Seminar & Bavarian

Weißwurst Seminar, Beer Brewing Seminar & Bavarian Specialties Workshop at Feinkost Käfer


€ 400

Weißwurst Seminar

The famous Weißwurst, literally white sausage, is a traditional Bavarian sausage. It is tradition to eat
Weißwürste as a snack between breakfast and lunch served with sweet mustard, Pretzels and ‘Weißbier’.
What is the traditional recipe? Why is it eaten before lunch? Learn to produce your own and find out all about
the history and various ways of how to eat the legendary sausage crowned by a typical Weißwurst breakfast.


Beer Brewing Seminar

Bavaria and especially Munich is considered the region of beer and brewing and the industry here is
particularly proud of Germany’s oldest food law, the Bavarian Purity Law. On April 23, 1516, Prince Wilhelm
IV decreed that nothing belongs in beer but water, barley and hops. Try brewing yourself: in an exclusive
brewing seminar in a small private brewery in Munich, where beer is brewed traditionally. Look forward to a
guided tour, beer tasting and brewing seminar in the heart of the city.


Bavarian Specialties Workshop at Feinkost Käfer

Käfer is a family with a rich tradition which has become an internationally acclaimed brand of premium
products and services. The Käfer Atelier offers an exceptional setting for culinary highlights. Located
directly next to the wine cellar of the world famous “Käfer Delicatessen Store” in Munich, the Atelier has an
intimate, secluded character.
During a guided tour through the Delicatessen Store, we collect all the ingredients needed for our lunch.
Back in the Atelier we use the open-plan kitchen, enabling the guests to follow the chefs at first hand as
they create exquisite and exciting dishes.

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