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Our Service

Airport Transfers

Experience the ultimate bespoke airport transportation service for the same price as the normal taxi or limousine service, for a just 99 €* from Munich airport to downtown and vice versa.

We offer our clients to book a special VIP Service too. 
You want to get directly from the plane into the Limousine that will drive you to the VIP Lounge, where the luggage check and a quick passport check will be held.
No problem, contact us at least 24 hours in advance and we would manage it (for additional cost).

Why chose our airport transportation service?
Same as at Messe exhibition centrum, our second office and our second fleet of our vehicles are almost directly on the Airport, at Munich Airport Business Park, so you will not need to wait while ordering your transfer, if you didn’t book it already prior landing


Cargo Security Escort

If you want that your trucks with valuable products arrive safely at the destination we can provide you an escort with the backup vehicle with a single driver or 2 man team, depending on the distance of the route and number of trucks. We can provide an escort even with multiple backup vehicles and teams for an entire convoy for instance. Whether your company fleet consists of trucks, tractor-trailers, semis, rigs, vans or haulers, it could become a target of the growing population of professional thieves. We will escort your valuable cargo from the point at which it leaves your facility until the point it arrives at its destination. Also, we would provide your truck drivers medical assistance if needed, and protection while being on a resting point.

By operating independently, our operatives keep the truck drivers operating to the standards your company specify. (i.e. no unscheduled stops or departures)
In the event, the load has been compromised or there is any deviation, our operatives will instantly contact your OPS room and local law enforcement dispatch to have officers respond to the scene. 
Tracking devices are optional and can be remotely monitored by both you as a client or any designated member of your staff.


Events Shuttle Service

Oktoberfest Shuttle

The Munich Oktoberfest is the largest cultural festival in the Europe. Far more than 5 million people come to the Bavarian capital each year in order to experience this spectacle.
The demand for transfer is enormous in that part of the year, especially when the tents are closing!
Again, if you want to experience the festival in best possible way we advise you to book your service with those who have all the necessary info, contacts, know the venue inside and out, and offcurse who already had experience of delivering transportation service at Octoberfest.
Our CEO was in charge of Crowd Control, Access Points to venue and supervising of Access Security Officer’s in last two years there, so, we think that sais enough.

*Tickets for the fest you can also purchase directly through us for the same price

Sports Events / Shuttle service to Allianz Arena 

Avoid crowds and experience the VIP treatment!
Would you like to experience a Corporate and VIP Hospitality at the Allianz Arena? Would you like to enjoy a special FC Bayern Munich experience in an exclusive and intimate atmosphere?
Now you can make that dream a reality !
Our security drivers can take you directly to the “Welcome Zone West” entrance and back.
If you want to book skybox or any other place in a business lounge for some event, or you just want to take a VIP Tours of Allianz Arena on a normal day, contact us!
Through cooperation with executives from Allianz Arena and partnership with one of the Worldwide Hospitality Group, providing VIP tickets and Corporate Hospitality we can manage even all tickets are sold out already.

☛ For more info check our SPECIALS

High Value Asset Movement

The safe and secure movement of high-value assets and individuals by road from one destination to another, without the benefit of a police escort, involves a unique and complex set of challenges which Xtreme Security Luxury Secure Transport have fine-tuned over the past 20 years.
We will securely transport diamonds, jewelry or any other high-value asset that requires special care. During 2016, we successfully planned and carried out high-value security escorts all the way French Riviera, including Monaco, within Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Luxemburg.

Conference/Trade Show Transportation

Messe/Fair Shuttle Services
Several major trade fairs are conducted in Munich all over the year. Our JetVans and Limousines are ideally suited for trade fair shuttle services, as one of our offices are situated directly by Messe exhibition center and our vehicles are reachable in 2-3 minutes from there.

*If you need any assistance at Messe München Exhibition Center or at ICM International Congress Center let us know. We have direct contact with exhibition organizers and with some of the executives from Messe Munich Gmbh, so we would be happy to point you in right direction for any of your enquires.


Private Sightseeing Tours

Private Sightseeing Tours in Munich

In cooperation with our partner, a tourist agency in Munich, we can organize a private torus around Munich together with your own private tourist-guide for sightseeing and visiting famous museums and galleries, parks and gardens, palaces and modern business centers such as Nymphenburg Palace. Munich Residenz, Art Museums in the Kunstareal District, Cuvilliés Theater, BMW Mueseum, Deutsches Museum, English Garden, Olympic Park, etc.

☛ For more details check our SPECIALS


SKI Transfers

The Munich is the gate to some of the famous alpine resorts in the World. All of our vehicles are fully equipped for a snow and with Thule Ski racks for cars if necessary (available on additional cost).
One of our security driver is also and a licensed SKI Instructor, so if you are planning to take some classes at SKI Resorts, think about hiring our security professional and save some money.

Contact us if you need a security driver , personal protection operative and ski instructor in one person.

Munich-Monaco, 8 hours trip, 800 km, fixed price of 800 euro including all fees and 19% VAT.
Munich-Amsterdam, 7,5 hours trip, 825 km, fixed price of 825 euro including all fees and 19% VAT.
Munich-Paris, 8 hours trip, 840 km, fixed price of 840 euro including all fees and 19% VAT.
Munich-Rome, 9 hours trip, 900 km, fixed price of 900 euro including all fees and 19% VAT.
Munich-Barcelona, 13 hours trip, 1400 km, fixed price of 1200 euro including all fees and 19% VAT.


Are you still looking for a bodyguard and Secured Transportation from Germany to and within French Riviera for a major Events as Rolex Masters, Cannes Film Festival, Monaco F1GP, Cannes & Monaco Yacht Festival?

Our CNAPS licensed Executive Protection Drivers offers a reliable and discrete driven service for the Exclusive Business Professional and Personal VIP Traveler.
But not only that!
Some of our security professionals are Yacht Master certified and can work as your skipper on a yacht you own or want to rent.
*For more info about our specialist who is also a Yacht Master certified please contact us.
Where is a lot of people its possible that someone tries to enter your yacht (mostly because of curiosity and without any bad intentions).
Even though these cases are very rare some clients don’t feel comfortable and secure without additional security guard.
It is good to have a security around to take care of any incident that may arise.
The chance of someone trespassing on your yacht is very small, because there is always someone of the crew on board, but if you can’t relax and want to feel totally safe, we recommend you to hire a security guard.
However, some of our clients not using our service just because they feel unsafe.
People like to see a security presence, not only against terrorism, but also for other segments as a first aid service, presence against burglary and theft, vandalism etc.
We have received many positive feedback, that people felt extraordinary and much more comfortable with our presence.

Contact us if you need a skipper, security driver and access control officer for your yacht in one person.

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