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While ordering our luxury secure transportation service through our own mobile application, apart from selecting our luxury vehicles, you are able to order some of the finest gastronomy products in the world for the complete enjoyment and relaxed journey. ADDs such as whiskey, wine, champagne, caviar, etc.

Moët Hennessy Deutschland

We have partnered with many producers of the finest and the most extravagant gastronomy products in the world. One of them is Moët Hennessy! Lifestyle and luxury products in the champagne, wine and spirits segment are their specialt! Some of their brand products you can order by our app when booking the ride or in transit. If you need more details about their products please visit their website. If there is anything you wish but its not listed in our ADDs, contact us and we would managed it. We strive that our performance leave a lasting impression on you!


You can book our limousine services for any other city in the world, such as Moscow, Paris, London, New York, Istanbul, Tokyo, etc. With close to 300 members in 18 countries at this moment, we are globally reached in cooperation with our partners abroad. You can check for available destination through our app.
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